Low Pressure Steam Generator NDG

Traditional Steam Boilers waste a lot of energy during the preheating time to boil the water.

Our CureTec NDG Steam Generator is a direct fired and pressureless system which means that water is directly injected into the combustion chamber with the flame and produces steam within a few seconds. The process water cools all necessary parts like elbow, burner and the combustion chamber making the whole system very efficient.

Benefits are:

  Steam within a few seconds

  Steam temperatures variable between
100°C and 400°C
  Adjustable moisture content
  Efficiency of 98%
  No permits required (low pressure system)

  Generators are available between
90 kW/h and 2400 kW/h
  Simple to install and maintain
  very low emmisions
  CO2-rich steam
  Requires little space

NDG Steam Generators will be factory checked and in compliance with all codes before delivery.

We guarantee the use of the best material and highest level of technology available.

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